Audi RS6/RS7 stabilizátor rúd

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Audi RS6/RS7 stabilizátor rúd

Constructed from high-tensile steel with forged ends, suit your driving style and handling preferences.

Product advantages:

• Lowered tilt of the car while driving through turns or at fast directional changes

• Improved handling through reduction of roll tilt

• Reduction of under steering

• Undiminished suspension comfort in case of deflaction on both sides at the same time

• Lowered strain of the wheels at the inside of the turn

• Suitable for standard suspension, ABT-suspension springs and ABT-coilovers

• Maintenance-free, cured-on bearings

• Dual adjustment of torsion-stiffnes at the rear axle (soft and severe)

also suitable for:

– vehicles with RS sport suspension plus with dynamic ride control (DRC)

– vehicles with S sport suspension with damper control

– vehicles with sport differental

– vehicles with ABT- height adjustable supension spings

– Fahrzeuge mit ABT- height adjustable supension

After mounting the ABT – STABILIZERS the position of the head lamps and axle needs to be checked and possibly re-adusted (work incl. in the assembly costs).

Addtionally and depending on the serial car configuration further technical systems needs to be checked.

In this regards it is necessary to follow the current instructions of the manufacturer. The cost for possibly additional work is not included in the assembly time and therefore needs to be charged additionally.

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